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“The key to Luna is that she has that unbelievably rare quality of actually not giving a damn what anyone else thinks of her.” - J.K. Rowling

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The wolves will come again

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Care for no one but the offspring of your might, run from the one who comes to find you, wait for the night that comes to h i d e.
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"I just want to be an angel" -Castiel
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Cause I’d sleep forever if you’d leave.
Give up the world so you would see,
that I’d rather have you in my dreams,
than wake up without you.

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tony stark + blue and pink
(requested by londowney)

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Lord of the Rings Alphabet
» H is for H A S T E
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You are odd creatures. All fragile nobility and humanity on one side, and all the thoughtless fire of angels on the other.”

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You’re the answer to “Are we alone in the universe?”

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Fangirl Challenge (3/10) Favorite Female Characters : Martha Jones


"I traveled across the world, from the ruins of New York to the fusion mills of China. Right across the radiation pits of Europe. And everywhere I went, I saw people just like you living as slaves. But if Martha Jones became a legend, then that’s wrong because my name isn’t important. There’s someone else. The man who sent me out there, the man who told me to walk the earth. And his name is The Doctor. He has saved your lives so many times and you never even knew he was there. He never stops, he never stays, he never asks to be thanked. But I’ve seen him, I know him. I love him. And I know what he can do."

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